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Lumber Supply Systems

Our Lumber Supply System software provides an end-to-end solution to handle and manage the logistics of the lumber distribution business.
From the front counter or order desk, to the shipping dock, all functions are integrated within one common database ensuring control, accuracy and data integrity. Built in are tools to monitor customer and vendor histories, sales information, inventory, and costing.
The OASYS Lumber Supply System manages everything from order processing and warehouse/inventory control, to accounting, purchasing, and customer service, while fulfilling the special requirements of the lumber supply business. By maximizing efficiency, it also maximizes your return on investment, the bottom line.


Wholesale / Distribution

Our Wholesale/Distribution software provides a complete solution to meet the demands of the wholesale/distribution sector.
From initial ordering of materials and supplies, through the receiving dock and into the warehouse, inventory is strictly controlled and can be automated with bar code readers and scanners to promote speed, efficiency and accuracy. Sales orders, production (where applicable), material picking, assembly and shipping, are fully integrated into the software, so that inventory and stock management are up to the minute.
All distribution functions are integrated within one common database, ensuring control, accuracy and data integrity.
Simple to use functions, secured by group or user, allow monitoring of customer and vendor histories, sales information, inventory and costing, as well as the activity of order desk, warehouse and sales staff.



Our Municipalities software solution begins with an automated Billing System for taxes and utilities. Built in are tools for automated adjustments. The full featured Accounting System includes Accounts Receivables, Payables, and General Ledger, with various functions available for general inquiries, vendor inquiries, and arrears. Our Asset Management and Tracking module handles purchasing, labeling, tracing/locating, as well as automatic depreciation formulas. The Payroll comes fully equipped with customizable features for tax tables, earnings, deductions, tax statements and T4-slips, including automatic Records of Employment (ROEs). All modules come with built in security features and are integrated within one common database, ensuring accuracy and data integrity.



Our comprehensive Accounting software can be used on its own, or integrated with our other applications.
The Accounts Receivable module starts with the posting of sales, receipts, and adjustments; its comprehensive inquiries and extensive range of reports ensure a full picture of earnings and profits and help keep tight track of credit.
The Accounts Payable module provides full but flexible access to purchases, disbursements, adjustments, memos, vendor inquiries, trial balance, and a host of customizable reports.
Payment processing can be automated by due date, by vendor, by bank, or any combination in order to maximize efficiency and avoid late charges. Historical data is kept and available.
The General Ledger is completely integrated with the sub ledgers and comes complete with simple to use inquiries and reports. The Chart of Accounts and Financial Reporting are fully customizable for users with the prerequisite authorization.
All our Accounting modules provide complete audit trails, and, like all our offerings, they come with built-in security features, while the one common database ensures accuracy and data integrity.



Our Inventory Management software provides concise and accurate control of your inventory life cycle, from the initial receipt of goods, movement between or within locations, onto sales, and reorders.
This proven software provides a precise valuation and status of inventory at any given point in time.
Simple to use functions, secured by group or user, allow monitoring of sales history and trends, stock on hand, stock location, suggested reordering points, material movement, as well as customer and vendor histories. Flexible pricing modules come standard as do basic or custom price lists by customer.
The OASYS Inventory Management software manages cost effective purchasing policies, sales and pricing methods, resulting in higher profits and optimum customer service.



Our Payroll provides an end to end solution for handling human resources and payroll. Multiple sets of earning and deduction codes can be structured to accommodate your unique requirements. At the same time, all standard deductions and taxes are controlled by tax tables that can be set up for federal and individual provinces or states. Payroll History, T4 slips, and Records of Employment all come as standard functions. As with our other offerings, the Payroll software comes with built in security features, and is integrated within one common database, ensuring accuracy and data integrity.