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OASYS Data Sciences Ltd. was formed in April 1980 as a major application software developer for OLIVETTI's range of business computer systems, by Mr. Gunter T. Smeskal, who continues in an advisory role after over 30 years of directing the company. Operating initially as an independent sub-contractor for Olivetti Canada's Software division, OASYS made an offer in 1982 to acquire substantially all of the division's operating assets. The offer was accepted and OASYS immediately became the largest software support and development organization for end-users of these systems in Canada.

At about the same time, OASYS began an intensive effort to develop software expertise in the area of multi-user, multi-tasking computer systems. This new application software was developed around a high-performance family of computer systems, manufactured by ALPHA MICROSYSTEMS in Southern California. Their systems offered exceptional processing power and speed, allowing a large number of users to access and operate them simultaneously.

OASYS continued to design and develop turnkey application software packages ranging from general purpose accounting modules such as Order Entry, Invoicing, Inventory Management, General Ledger and Financial Statements to specialized applications for Municipalities, the Federal Government, educational and religious institutions.

Today, OASYS has grown to be much more than a software developer and support organization. It has formal value-added reseller agreements with major computer and peripheral manufacturers and distributors. OASYS can, therefore, offer a wide range of products and services, which include selection of computer equipment and acquisition, as well as systems design, computer training and long-term support.

The company continues to upgrade its hardware and software product offerings as well as its ability to provide full systems integration with high-performance, state-of-the-art technology, i.e. PC connectivity, networking, Intra-net and Internet connections. New product offerings are constantly being evaluated to ensure the high level of satisfaction experienced by a loyal user base.

OASYS continues to show steady growth in revenues. Our customers continue to give us high marks in our ability to respond to their needs and requests for systems design and support. Customers who have installed our product offerings applaud the exceptional performance and reliability of these systems.

OASYS Data Sciences is located in Markham, Ontario, which has become the "high-technology area" of Greater Toronto. For further information or investment opportunities, please contact Mary McNish Rea, President & CEO.

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